Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Accurate mundane predictions

SAMVA USA chart is based on the creation of a Perpetual Union  
Since the discovery of the SAMVA USA chart on December 30, 2006, many accurate predictions have been made based on it, sometimes far into the future, including the present time. These predictions are focused on national events, such as financial, social, political and economic developments.  Importantly, the predictions based on a national chart will not describe individuals or individual events, but rather major trends and signficant events in the national life.

While the predictions have a lot to do with the political change sweeping the country since 2016, some would argue that nothing good can come of the Presidency of Donald Trump. This is highlighted by the  histrionics of the corporate media, offering almost daily coverage of allegations made concerning his improper behaviour as a private citizen, mistakes made by him or his neophyte administration, lying among his advisers, or his tendency as a political animal to give no quarter in disputes. The investigation of the Special Counsel is a further complication. Despite all of this, it is important to keep in mind that mundane  predictions are not about any man but the agency of leadership, especially during a Sun major period, in bringing about significant change to the policies guiding the affairs of the country.

The predictions were also focused on the period influences in the chart, especially trend developments associated with major periods in the chart. As such, they leave out the influence of transits, which add their own colour to the developments in terms of shorter lived significant events. For instance, since early 2017, transit 8th lord Saturn has been in the sign of Sagittarius and the 6th house of conflict in the SAMVA USA chart. It will remain there until January 2020. As mentioned in the prediction for the year 2017, this was predicted to bring a lot of obstacles and endings to the area of conflict in the country, notably obstruction by the political opposition, including the activities of the Special Counsel. Moreover, as transit Jupiter is from September 2017 until November 2018 in the sign of Libra and the 4th house of the chart, the conflict is predicted to disturb the collective harmony. Indeed, the country has been rife with conflict, as the globalist-liberals, or former establishement, battles the reigning nationalist-progressives of Trump for the future direction of policies guiding the country.  This is especially so during this summer, when transit Jupiter becomes stationary at 19° Libra, within the most effective point of the 4th house in the 20° Cancer rising horoscope. As a result, while there have been positive trend developments as described in numerous predictions from 2008-2015, the transits are coloring the experience. However, as the fog of transits wears off, history will reveal the trend shift more clearly as predicted.

The conclusion is nevertheless that these predictions have been accurate in terms of their nature and timing. This is heartening indeed, as it opens up the way for (mundane) astrology to take its rightful place among the social sciences, with the aim to help people adjust their lives to probable future developments for more stability and happiness.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Power of Astrology

The Return of a Rhetorical Presidency
Mundane events are revealing ever more clearly that the victorious campaign and election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America in 2016 has been a major turning point for US and world history. The results are showing up everywhere, in the political thinking and policy dialogue in the USA and in dramatic changes in foreign relations around the world, most visibly at the present time in the first steps of a return to peaceful relations on the Korean peninsula.

What should be even more astounding is that this change was predicted in numerous articles on this blog beginning ten years ago this month. The predictions were based on a shift in April 2016, from a sequence of long standing Vimsottari Dasa planetary periods of weak and afflicted planets (Ketu and Venus) to strong and influential planets (Sun, Moon and Mars) in the then newly discovered SAMVA USA chart, as well as the accurate Systems' Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes.

In the article From Gilded Age to Progressive Era on this blog on November 18, 2009, the following prediction was made:
We can see that the Gilded Age was replaced by a much more confident and progressive era in US national and political life. This is consistent with the major planetary periods of the time. The national life in the USA since the 1980s has been characterised by great economic progress, with notable advances in communications infrastructure. However, imbalances, financial panics and social tensions have also been there. The forthcoming periods of the Sun (April 2016 - April 2022), Moon (- April 2032) and Mars (- April 2039) indicate that the US will experience a return to considerable progress in the national life during these periods, associated with policies that lead to a reduction in tensions over inequality or injustices, consistent with earlier such periods in the national life.
The election of Donald Trump was also accurately predicted by the late Indian author and astrologer V. K. Chouhdry on October 2015, based on Trump's 6° Leo rising horoscope and the Systems' Approach analysis. The unique nature of the 2016 election as a "realigning election" was also clearly identified in January 2015 (see comment), well before Donald Trump announced his candidacy in mid June 2015. Such is the power of astrology.

From Progressive Era I to Progressive Era II
In this article, let´s review the similarity of the Sun periods in SAMAVA USA chart, in terms of the views of historians about the first Progressive Era (1896-1919) and how President Trump's policies (2016-) are in alignment with progressive reforms. What they have in common is reforms aimed at making society more just and vigorous. This idea is well encapsulated in the phrase "from poverty to prosperity", which was made by President Trump at a rally in Michigan yesterday. Like Presidents McKinley, Roosevelt and Taft before him, President Trump is proving to be a "rhetorical President". This is testament is to the role of a strong leader, especially in the Sun period. 

In an academic paper in 2011 at Harvard University's Center for the Study of the Presidency, Robert Saldin identified William McKinley, who was President from 1896 to his death in 1901, with the active use of "rhetoric" to persuade the public of progressive policies. Indeed, he is now recognised as the "America's first Progressive President". Trump has clearly revitalised that tradition.
The rise of the “rhetorical presidency” in the early 1900s is widely seen as a pivotal development of that office. According to the original rhetorical presidency theory, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson diverged from the traditional mode of presidential leadership and guided the institution in a starkly different, more visible, and popular direction rooted in public speaking. While Roosevelt and Wilson are certainly worthy of the attention they have received in transforming the office, William McKinley’s status as a key player in the development of the rhetorical presidency has been overlooked. 
Powerful public response
While the country is rife with conflict, due to the transit of 8th lord Saturn in the 6th house of conflict, Trump's supporters are appreciative of him. At the rally yesterday, the crowd shouted "We love you, Trump", again and again (go to hour and minute 1:23:00 in the youtube video of the speech). Such public adulation is highly unusual in American politics. 

This is also explained by the favourable transits in the SAMVA USA chart, including the transit of 4th lord Venus in exaltation at 10° Taurus and the 11th house in opposition aspect to natal 10th lord Mars at 10° Scorpio (its own non-MT sign) and the 5th house, as well as the transit of 2nd lord Sun in exaltation at 14° Aries and the most effective point of the 10th house, in applying conjunction with the sub-period lord Rahu at 18° Aries (and thus not close enough to reduce the strength of the Sun, to the temporary detriment of its indications, including the leader of the country).

The history of people, nations and the world moves forward along a karmic path. There are valleys and peaks. This karma is visible through the power of astrology, to help people prepare their lives for greater stability and spiritual progress. The USA is currently in an upswing, according to the major periods in the SAMVA USA chart, which will last for a couple of decades. However, we also have to contend with the transits of slow moving planets, and in the USA case, the transit of Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius (January 2017-January 2020) is proving difficult, but it will turn more so next year, when Saturn and Ketu become conjunct at 24° Sagittarius, when also the Sun-Saturn period will have commenced. At that time, some calamity is likely to befall the country, as well as other countries, and as predicted first in 2012.  Let's hope for the best. God bless the great people of the United States of America.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Predictions for the USA in 2018

In 2018 the national mood is likely to remain unsettled, notably concerning foreign relations and financial matters. As the year opens, there is already pressure on those fronts, notably with political protests in Iran and an accelerating nuclear threat in North Korea. Trump has on January 1, 2018 also declared that the substantial foreign aid to Pakistan will be cut due to lies and deceit by the government there. This is in line with the prediction made last year that foreign policy and agreements would come under pressure from September 2017. The USA is predicted to inch closer to international conflict in the summer. However, the national developments are expected to remain tame compared to the upheavals predicted in 2019.

Before we delve into the predictions, it may be helpful to review the methodology. Vedic astrology  includes the 120 year Vimsottari dasa-bukhti planetary cycle. It was originally designed for maximum human life, however, it can also run multiple 120 year spans for longer lived nations. In the USA it is now nearing the completion of its second cycle, since the creation of the Perpetual Union in 1781. The history of the USA has been analysed for this entire period in terms of the nine major planetary periods, which range from six to twenty years in length. Each major period also has nine sub-periods, ranging from a few months to several years in length. At any time there is a major period and a sub period operating in the national life. The major period describes the trend influences over its entire operation. The sub-period describes a shorter lived trend, with its own influence. The sub-period normally has primacy in describing the trend of the national life. However, the major period trend is seen to be always operating in the background. On top of this, there is an analysis of the transits, which interact with placements in the national horoscope. The transits take precedence over the dual trend influences by bringing about significant events, of a positive or negative nature. When the transits involve the stationary movement of a slow moving planet, like Jupiter, Saturn, or Rahu and Ketu, in a Cancer rising chart (see explanation in following paragraph), the significant events can appear as a setback with subsequent stress during the transit. Some periods and transits have more influence than others, linked to how strong, weak, afflicted or afflicting the planets involved are in the chart. Just like people, nations can be strong in some areas and weak in others. Some experiences appear like problems out of the blue, while others are events caused by us or others. The nature of the problems may be read from the indications of the planets and signs involved.

The overall interpretation is based on the Systems' Approach to interpreting horoscopes, which requires an understanding of the 'Moolatrikona' signs and their lords, which, depending on the ascendant, alters their rulership of a house. Aries is ruled by Mars, Cancer by Moon, Leo by Sun, Virgo by Mercury, Libra by Venus, Sagittarius by Jupiter and Aquarius by Saturn. When Aries is the sign in the 1st house, Mars becomes 1st lord. As Cancer is in the 4th house, the Moon becomes 4th lord. By comparison, when Cancer is in the ascendant, Moon becomes the 1st lord and Mars the 10th lord, as that is where the sign Aries is. Both Jupiter and Saturn rule signs that fall into malefic houses  and hence they become functional malefic planets for Cancer ascendants, as 6th and 8th lords, respectively. Rahu and Ketu rule no signs and are malefics for all risings signs. Further, the Systems' Approach allows us to understand what planet brings a positive influence for the native. They are related to nine positive houses, especially where the Moolatrikona signs are found: 1st house of self, 2nd house of wealth and status, 3rd house of communication and transportation, 4th house of communal harmony and national resources, 5th house of speculation, young people, universities and management, 7th house of leisure and foreign relations and policy, 9th house of fortune and religion, 10th house of government, legislation and foreign trade, 11th house of friends, goals and income. Conversely, there are three remaining houses who indicate things that may have adverse influences in the life. These are the 6th house of conflict, the 8th house of obstacles and endings and the 12th house of separation and losses. This 'functional' understanding of the houses enables us to analyse the underlying social forces linked to specific planetary placements of the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart. The Systems' Approach has resulted in many accurate predictions in the past and it guides the annual predictions again this year for the country.

Many western or sun sign astrologers tend to consider the integrated horoscopic astrology as being too complex to deal with. These astrologers rely instead on a variety of partial methods to explain past events. Should they venture into making predictions, these usually don't pan out, serving to harm their reputation, and that of astrology in general. For better results, there is no real alternative to learning vedic horoscopic astrology. Add to this the fact that mundane developments tend to be highly complex. Even university professors apply all of their considerable mental dexterity and life-long learning to understand the range of economic, political or foreign policy developments they specialise in. Politicians then make decisions based on their often more general knowledge of situations. The task facing mundane astrologers is a demanding one. They must try to understand the cosmological influences that operate in the national life, based on their reading of the national horoscope. They then try relate these influences to the diverse national developments, by making predictions of future trends and signficant events! In these annual predictions, the periods and major transits are considered.

Fortunately, the Systems' Approach simplifies the task. By making accurate predictions, mundane astrologers can make a difference in the world, by offering policy makers and ordinary people guidance on what to expect in national and international affairs, so that they can take suitable precautions. The final point is that astrologers are human beings and can make mistakes in reading or evaluating the combined influences, such that something important is missed. However, with the correct birth chart and a reliable method of interpretation and prediction, overall there should be enough accurate insights and predictions involving the nature and timing of events to impress even the sceptics.


The Sun major period is operating in the SAMVA USA chart from April 2016 to April 2022. As predicted since 2008, this is being accompanied by a concerted trend effort to revive the status and power of the USA on the international stage as well as to bring reforms of the economy that significantly boosts economic growth. The tax reforms in 2017 are judged to be regressive in nature, but the hope is that they will increase corporate investment in the US economy enough to create many higher paying jobs that have the result of reducing inequality, poverty and crime. This is related to the fact that the loss of higher paying manufacturing jobs in prior decades was the source of the increased inequality and poverty in the USA that resulted in the election of Donald Trump as President in  November 2016, based on his promise to "Make America Great Again." While it was a surprise to the pundits, it was predicted here. Moreover, all of this is consistent with the placement of the powerful and authoritative Sun as 2nd lord of wealth and status on the most effective point of the 7th house of foreign relations, aspecting also the 1st house of self and fame.

The Rahu sub-period is operating as the year opens and will end on May 8, 2018, when the Jupiter sub-period begins. Rahu is natally at 17° 47' Aries and in the most effective point of the 10th house of the SAMVA USA chart, from where it aspects the 2nd house of wealth and status, the 4th house of natural resources and communal harmony, the 6th house of conflict and financial stability. Fortunately, 10th lord Mars is strong at 10° 20' Scorpio and 5th house, in mutual aspect with 1st lord Moon at 7° 19' Taurus and 11th house. During this period we may expect issues of manipulation, deception and confusion to emerge concerning the government, legislature and foreign trade. However, the problems are greater if transit Rahu is afflicting and transit Mars is weak or afflicted in transit. Financial stability is also prone to become strained due to such influences. The recent debate and passage of tax reforms likely involved 'pork' as politicians pursued vested interests at the expense of the national interest. During this sub-period, Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have become an international bubble, notably in the USA, with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange opening up a futures market in Bitcoin.

The Jupiter sub-period will operate from May 8, 2018 until February 21, 2019. Jupiter is 6th lord of conflict at 4° 25' Scorpio and 5th house. Natally, it is in opposition aspect to 1st lord Moon at 7° 18' Taurus and 11th house, making the mindset of American's war-like, such that they never back down from a provocation. During this time, the risk of conflict increases, especially if the transits become difficult. International provocations risk a fierce reaction by the USA at this time. Banking matters will also become important in the national life. If speculation has become excessive in the prior Rahu sub-period, then it can have negative repercussions for banks in the Jupiter period. All things big and expansive become more prominent in the national life.

As the year opens up, transit 6th lord Jupiter is at 22° 50' Libra and the most effective point of the 4th house, also known as the MEP (+/- 5° of the 20° Libra). This introduces conflictual energy into the matters ruled by the 4th house, such as housing, natural resources, elementary schools and communal harmony. As such, Jupiter aspects the 8th house of obstacles and endings, 10th house of foreign trade, government and legislature and 12th house of wars, smuggling and losses. Moreover, for the first two weeks of the year, transit Jupiter is conjunct transit 10th lord Mars. This introduces a lot of controversy into these area, as highlighted by the publication of a book (Fire and Fury) that is highly critical of Trump and his administration. The situation is made more difficult, with transit 8th lord Saturn at 7° 20' Sagittarius and 6th house, adding obstacles and endings to the conflictual energy. An expression of this is the complete breakdown of cooperation across the aisle in the US Congress.

Faster moving planets also weakened in January. Transit 2nd lord Sun, ruling the wealth and status of the country, and the major period lord, is also transiting this sign and house in the first half of the month, making the situation more difficult for President Trump. Meanwhile, transit 3rd lord Mercury, ruling over communication and transportation, is there from January 7 for the remainder of the month, adding controversy to communication matters. That is made more difficult still as transit Rahu, the sub-period lord, begins the year in stationary movement at 21° Cancer and the MEP of the 1st house of self, from where it also aspects the 5th house of management and speculation, 7th house of foreign policy and relations, and 9th house of justice and religion. Pairwise, transit Ketu is at 21° Capricorn and 7th house MEP, from where it aspects natal 2L Sun at 23° 44' Capricorn, the 11th house of income, goals and friends, the 1st house, the 3rd house of communication and transportation. It is this aspect to the 3rd house, while 3rd lord Mercury is transiting the malefic 6th house, that creates problems for the indications of the 3rd house, suggesting breakdowns and even sudden accidents involving transportation and communication matters in the opening months of the year. The communication of the government with the people is also likely to endure setbacks given these adverse transits..

Nodal station in early 2018
The conjunction of the transit stationary nodes with the 1st and 7th houses with the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart began at 21° 50' Cancer and Capricorn on December 19, 2017, becomes exact at 20° 50' on March 19, 2018 and ends at 19° 50' on April 15. During this transit, problems are expected to crop up regarding how American's perceive themselves as a nation. Manipulations, deceptions or confusion are likely regarding foreign agreements or foreign cooperation. Upset involving  neighbouring countries, like Mexico and Canada regarding changes to the NAFTA agreement, are possible. Problems could extend to the payment and construction of a wall on the southern border. The dispute with Canada and Britain over the prohibitive import tariff on Bombardier airplanes could deepen in the first three months of the year. This is related to the fact that natal Rahu aspects the 2nd house of wealth, status and relations with close neighbours. Moreover, as transit Ketu becomes stationary at Ketu 20° 50' Capricorn and the most effective point of the 7th house, foreign relations and leisure issues are likely to suffer a sudden crisis. The sub-period lord, Rahu, also aspect the 6th house of conflict, debt repayment and health. Communal harmony may thus become more fragile. The national identity could become a prominent topic of debate in the country. There could also be strains for speculators, young people, universities and the management of the government and sectors like software and the internet. Already, the Net Neutrality legislation is seen to be advancing the interests of large corporations over those of start ups, typically organised and run by young people. As transit Rahu also aspects the 9th house of religious, judicial and foreign issues, we may expect strains there. Transit 2nd lord Sun will become conjunct transit stationary Ketu at 20° 50‘ Capricorn and the 7th house MEP on February 3, 2018. During this time, sudden problems for the President, wealth or status of the country is possible, possibly in relation to foreign policy matters. As Ketu aspects the 3rd house, ruled by Mercury, transportation, communication and high tech issues are vulnerable to setbacks at this time, notably when Mercury is weak and afflicted in transit (see next paragraph).

Sensitive conditions in the spring of 2018
The transit of 6th lord Jupiter becomes stationary from February 12 to April 4, becoming exact on March 9 at 29° 11‘ Libra and the 4th house. In early March, transit Jupiter is not afflicted but is afflicting transit 4th lord Venus and transit 3rd lord Mercury in old age in Aquarius and 8th house, while transit 2nd lord Sun is passing through the aspect of natal Ketu at 17° 47' Libra and 4th house MEP, while transit 8th lord Saturn at 13° 30' Sagittarius and 6th house is in applying aspect from natal Rahu, the sub-period lord, at 17° 47' Aries and 10th house MEP. During this time, the usually formidable ability of the US to engage in and win a conflict is reduced.  Also notable in the spring, is the transit of 8th lord Saturn, which becomes stationary at 14° 02‘ Sagittarius from March 14 to May 25, becoming exact at 15° 02‘ on April 18, 2018. Transit stationary 8th lord Saturn will remain under the aspect of natal Rahu at 17° 47' Aries and 10th house MEP, albeit the orb of affliction will be almost 3°, hence the influence is likely to be limited. That said, as its dispositor, Jupiter, is weak in transit, manipulations, deceit or confusion could create problems concerning easy gains, obstacles and endings. Moreover, the problems would be expected to be related to the areas ruled by the 6th house, conflict, health or financial issues. 

Nodal station in summer of 2018
Another difficult transit station of Rahu and Ketu takes place at 11° 46‘ Cancer and 1st house and Capricorn and 7th house, from June 12 to September 13. The station becomes exact on July 31, 2018. More worryingly, transit Ketu will be exactly conjunct 3rd lord Mercury within a 2° orb from late May to late September 2018. The aspect becomes exact on June 26. This transit suggests problems for transportation and communication issues in the country, but with foreign involvement likely. Significant problems in high tech are also likely. A similar but more malefic contact to Mercury's placement, involving both Ketu and 8th lord Saturn, took place during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. The danger of nuclear war increased. However, as Mercury is fairly strong in the SAMVA USA chart, and with the powerful Sun on the 7th house MEP, a horrific war was averted. Transit 2nd lord Sun becomes conjunct transit stationary Rahu at 11° 46‘ Cancer and 1st house around August 6. During this time, a crisis is possible for the President, status and wealth of the country. In June, transit 10th lord Mars will be conjunct transit Ketu, before and as it goes retrograde. It will then briefly become stationary at 15° 09‘ Capricorn and 7th house in late June, before itself going retrograde, crossing over nodal Ketu and natal Mercury after mid July. It then goes direct at 4° 30‘ Capricorn and 7th house in late August. During this time it is likely the military will become involved in dealing with the challenges. Mars, like Mercury, is strong natally. A major setback to its indications is therefore not expected. However, we should take note that in the prior Jupiter major period (1937-1951) the US got involved in three difficult wars, World War II, the Cold War, and the Korean War.

From mid June to mid August, when transit 6th lord Jupiter becomes stationary at 19° 13' Libra and the 4th house MEP, where it will be conjunct natal Ketu at 17° 47' Libra, the risk of sudden conflict and financial upset increases. The situation in early July will be quite tense, as transit 2nd lord Sun in Gemin and the 12th house  passes into  the opposition of transit 8th lord Saturn at 12° Sagittarius and 6th house and the aspect of natal Ketu at 18° Libra, while transit 3rd lord Mercury passes over transit Rahu at 12° Cancer and 1st house. With transit Ketu at 12° Capricorn,where it is conjunct natal 3rd lord Mercury at 12° 05' Capricorn and 7th house, the foreign policy situation would be quite tense at that time, likely involving some challenge to American's sense of freedom in the world. Earlier, the dispositor of transit 6th lord Jupiter, transit 4th lord Venus will be in Gemini and the 12th house from mid May to June 10. At that time, communal harmony will be more vulnerable, especially as tr Jupiter will then again be in the 4th house MEP.

Transit 4th lord Venus enters Libra on September 2, and remains there until January 2, 2019. It goes retrograde in early October at 16° 40‘ Libra and 4th house. It will then be briefly afflicted by natal Ketu and Rahu, suggesting some problem for the communal harmony, natural resources or housing. Transit Venus continues retrograde and becomes briefly conjunct transit 3rd lord Mercury at 15° Libra and 4th house on October 16. This transit suggests some favourable development with regard to their indications. Transit Venus then goes direct at 1° 10´Libra on November 18 and moves through the sign as earlier noted.

Transit 8th lord Saturn becomes stationary at 9° 30‘ Sagittarius from August 1 to October 11, becoming exact at 8° 30‘ on September 6, 2018. During this time, the conflictual issues become challenged, if fast moving planets are aspected by it. Aside from the very fast moving Moon, this is not seen. Hence, the problems will be less realted to this particular placement.

Tensions concerning conflict in late 2018
The sub-period lord Jupiter enters Scorpio and 5th house on October 12. In this house, Jupiter as 6th lord creates conflictual energy for young people, universities, speculation and management. It will pass over its own natal placement at 4° 25' Scorpio on November 2. At the same time, transit Rahu will be at 6° Cancer and 1st house in applying aspect to both natal and transit Jupiter. This is not ideal, and could create tensions over conflict. Towards the end of the month, as Jupiter moves on, it will become conjunct transit 2nd lord Sun and transit 3rd lord Mercury and natal 10th lord Mars at 10° 05' Scorpio. This creates a complex challenge for also the government and military. Likely the power of the USA will dissuade potential foreign aggressors. 

On December 5, transit Rahu becomes stationary at 3° 40‘ Cancer and 1st house, still in close aspect to sub-period lord Jupiter at 4° 25' Scorpio and 5th house. This should keep the tensions going. The station becomes exact in mid January 2019 at 2° 40‘ and ends at 1° 40‘ Cancer and 1H on March 6, 2019, with the aspect to Jupiter progressively separating, thus easing the situation. 

As the year ends and the new one begins, transit 2nd lord Sun will become conjunct transit 8th lord Saturn at 17° Sagittarius and 6th house, under the close afflicting aspect of natal Rahu at 17° 47' Aries. This suggests problems for the US President, wealth and status. Possibly there will be dispute over abundant easy gains or concerning obstacles and endings. As the new year opens, other, much more difficult aspects await.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Is Bitcoin in a bubble?

Is Bitcoin in a bubble?
In November 2009, an article explained the second Rahu major period in the SAMVA USA chart. It discussed the boom of the 1920s, the "Roaring Twenties", which ended in a stock market bust, the collapse of banking and "the Great Depression of the 1930s".

Amongst other things, Rahu rules materialistic greed, manipulation, deception, confusion, and crisis. This influence is also felt in the sub-periods of Rahu. In the Venus-Rahu period (June 2003 - June 2006), a bubble developed in the housing market, based on corrupt mortgage securitisation practices, which ended in a bust, a banking crisis and a recession. In the ongoing Sun-Rahu period (June 2017-May 2018), we are witnessing a sudden eruption of popular interest in cryptocurrencies, which the public does not fully understand. While this is an international phenomen, its expression is being fully felt in the USA. Moreover, this bubble may now be in the process of bursting. Or as the well known economist Nouriel Roubini opined on Twitter on December 22:

"The first question that EVERY man or woman I meet asks these days -  even the many who can't tell the difference between stocks and bonds, ie who have ZERO financial literacy - is whether they should buy Bitcoin. True sign of The Mother of All Bubbles..."

The four stages of a bubble
This week, Bitcoin plunged below its $19.300 high attained on December 17, to $11.600 a few days later, before recovering some of the drop - which amounted to almost 60 percent at its trough. Many "investors" took a bath and for them this was a burst of the bubble. For others, the drop may be seen as a reflection of Bitcoin being a volatile investment vehicle, and thus a buying opportunity, to get their foot in the door for more gains. Whether Bitcoin surges again, the Rahu sub-period ends on May 8, 2018. By that time the investment euphoria will likely have run its course.

The founder of a top five ranked cryptocurrency (LiteCoin) had been commenting about its price and was criticised for having "a conflict of interest." He then sold his entire founding stake in the cryptocurrency, at the peak of the cycle. In doing so, he likely became a billionaire. Clearly, there are a few winners among the many losers. 

The results of the Rahu major period were dire for many households loosing their homes and jobs. The same was true, but to a lesser extent, in the sub-period of Rahu in the major period of a weak and badly placed Venus. In the far stronger major period of the Sun, the results of the Rahu sub-period are likely to be less serious, even if many may loose a lot of money. The key lesson is that in Rahu periods, people need to be cautious with their money! This is more so when transit Rahu, the current sub-period lord, has just gone stationary at 20° 50' Cancer and the most effective point of the 1st house of self in the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA horoscope. The transit station will last for three months. From this sensitive area of the chart, Rahu will also aspect the 5th house of speculation, 7th house of partnerships, 9th house of higher ideas, as well as the natal 2nd lord Sun at 23° 44' Capricorn and 7th house MEP. There will likely be significant tension with regard to these indications of the nature of Rahu during the stationary period.

And, yes, Bitcoin has been in a bubble (mania) phase. But the blow-off stage may have begun.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Science of Astrology

Through the years, many scientists have taken great pains to denounce astrology. In 1975, 186 leading scientists, including some Nobel laureates, signed a petition to warn against astrology as a superstition and pseudo-science. A few scientists objected to the authoritarian and dogmantic tone of the statement ; while others suggested scientists should study the subject before dismissing it. Nevertheless, the statement remains a cornerstone of scientific attitudes towards astrology. Bill Nye, the self-professed "science guy," is a recent example of such people denouncing astrology, either for its inability to explain the present or predict the future. In this article, the source of the objections of science types to astrology are examined, followed by an overview of the nature and limits of astrology as a scientific field of inquiry into human life.

The difference different types of cosmology make
In the western world, most who object to God, do so based on their understanding of a Judeo-Christian conception of God and dualism. Hence, they remain by and large ignorant of other conceptions of God, such as in Indian cosmology of monism. This matters in that scientific materialism now pervades the west, which finds it easy to reject a simple conception of God, such as being a seperate being that resides in "heaven," requiring intermediation of priests, to connect God and the masses. By  comparison, the Indian conception of Brahma (God) implies an all-pervasive consciousness, an energy force, that permeates the created world. Further, this conscious energy is reflected, to varying degrees, in the self-reflective conscious vibration of human, animal, insect and plant beings, as well as in the slow unconscious vibration of inert matter. In short, all humans are reflections of the divine. Indeed, the Indians further assume that the created world is a "divine play" of God, which began when He/She awoke from a sleeping state in the Big Bang  In doing so, the created world began to reorganise from the instantaneous expanding chaos into an evolving order of increasing consciousness and meaning. As unit entities of the divine consciousness, the souls of human beings, evolve by taking birth in lifetime after lifetime. They learn from their actions and the law of karma, based on relentless recurring episodes involving "pain of separation." This process of action and reaction purifies the soul, and in the end, the understanding arises that the only true goal of existence is the infinite love of God, which all can seek refuge in, based on pure devotion, acts of mercy, or intellectual understanding. Contrast this with the understanding of western science types (also in Communist China), who normally believe the created world is one of matter over mind, such that all of human life can be explained by material processes, including our mind and consciousness. In turn, compare that with the Indian school of thought, which believes in mind over matter, and that all of life can be explained by the struggle to evolve our conscious experience in life. By all appearances, the divergence in views is creating difficulty for western scientists to comprehend the knowledge of the world they are faced with, where matter, energy and consciousness interact. Indeed, the factual knowledge of the world, based on only matter and energy, has far outstripped the scientist's comprehension of the world as a system of meaning, due to their belief in a stale material cosmology that excludes consciousness as an integral part of the framework. This is important when explaining their reaction to astrology, but the problem also resides with western astrology, it too being largely based on the western cosmology of duality or materialism. Indeed, it is the ancient vedic tradition of astrology which is aligned with this deeper meaning of life and is likely the true source of astrology in the world, being also based on the real, visible zodiac.

The difference different types of astrology make
There are no kind ways to say this but western astrology is a dead end. While it has some redeeming features, it is doomed in praxis. It relies on a conceptual zodiac, that is wrong. It makes no distinction between visible and invisible (to the naked eye) planetary bodies. It focuses on sign placement of the Sun for central meaning, which takes 30 days to pass through a sign. It has limited understanding of horoscopic astrology and no clear rules of interpretation and prediction. The redeeming feature is that planets and their aspects do sometimes work. As a result, predictions based on western astrology are often wrong and there is a common reliance on 'after the fact' explanations as 'proof' of relevant insight. Sadly, western astrologers appear to be so vested in this accumulated hodgepodge of "knowledge" that by and large they refuse to even consider a better system, the vedic system. More troubling is the fact that the world of science has been exposed to this flawed and failing system of astrology for several hundred years, and the impression is not one of admiration, as earlier noted. Perhaps, this sorry state would be expected to continue, if there were not a viable alternative: vedic astrology. Let's us consider a few historical facts in this regard. The origins of vedic astrology are likely far older than the archaeological record is able to verify, going back many thousands of years. The Indus-Saraswati civilization is traced back to 12.000 BCE, while the Sumerian-Mesapotamian civilization is far younger, emerging in 5.000 BCE. Proto-astrological concepts are known in the Rg Veda, such as the Sun, Moon, the nodes and eclipses and the planets and their aspects. At the same time, the earliest record of horoscopes comes from Greek texts of Greek speaking astrologers in 1st century BCE of the Pan-Hellenic world, which stretched into India. Should that find be taken as a sign that horoscopic astrology emerged in Greece? Hardly, as there is no record of astrology in Greece before the Greco-Indian era. Why would the spontaneous emergence of the most developed form of astrology appear there, without any prior development? As in ancient times, the emphasis of vedic astrology is on the visible sidereal zodiac and planets. By comparison, the devolution of astrology in the emergence of sun sign astrology based on the now imaginary tropical zodiac, emerged in Rome. The horoscope forms the basis of the horosocopic system of astrology, that focuses on the ascendant and its degree in order to identify the personality and physical appearance. The ancient vedic system placed the ascendant at the top of the horoscope, representing the beginning of the reading with the 1st house of self, whereas the nascent western astrology moved the ascendant to the left, representing the appearance of the sun in the east. Importantly, it is truly the vedic system that can offer a plausible philosophical context, as earlier discussed, for why the planets and cosmos influence life on earth, and why the planetary influences contain both blessings and challenges, consistent with the karma seen in a horoscope. The Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes may be considered the prime method of this most advanced form of astrology, by offering a more accurate basis for horoscope interpretation and prediction. It does so by emphasising the functional nature of planets, based on the houses they rule, in addition to their general indications, as well as offering other helpful rules for interpreting the horoscope.

The difference different types of science make
Astrology has a scientific problem and it is different from what most people think. It is not because astrologers can't or won't apply the scientific method. It is because astrology is, like human life itself, ever moving forward from an infinitely complex set of mundane factors, which can never be replicated in a scientific experiment. Moreover, the scientific hypothesis for why astrology works cannot easily be posited in a scientific world that itself excludes astrology's main object of study, the evolving influences of the cosmos on human consciousness. What we have, however, to build on, are insights acquired by noble and intelligent astrologers over millennia, on how to interpret horoscopes and to predict based on them. Indeed, it is only through repeat accurate predictions that we best align astrology with that of science. More accurate predictions would not only make the users of astrology happy, but make astrologers more confident in their work and scientists more curious about astrology as a worthwhile field of scientific study. In doing so, astrologers become more scientific in their approach and the scientists invest more in new knowledge involving the philosophy of the world they seek to understand and explain. So, the hope of an article like this one is that it helps western astrologers and scientists to reframe their views and practices, and thus bring them closer together, based on all the available knowledge. Indeed, the objective of intellectual inquiry is not to win an argument but to improve the lives of people. As Nelson Mandela wisely observed "only by changing ourselves can we hope to change the world."

Monday, October 2, 2017

Predicting mass deaths

Since the discovery of the SAMVA USA chart in 2006, numerous predictions have been made months in advance suggesting violent events or acts with significant fatalities or death like experiences in the USA. The latest such accurate prediction was sadly realised today. Below, this prediction and a number of similar ones in the past ten years are recalled.

What was predicted: "Significant events involving fatalities or death-like experiences are likely, as well as setbacks for easy gains, especially for speculators..between July 5 until October 10, when the aspect from Rahu is applying."
When the prediction was madeDecember 28, 2016
What actually happened: 59 killed and 527 injured at Las Vegas Strip in the deadliest mass shooting in US history.
Who did it: An evil or mad gunman, known to be a heavy gambler.
When the event happened: October 1, 2017.

What was predicted: “There could be violent natural or man-made events” when transit Rahu and 6th lord Jupiter are conjunct in Leo and 2nd house under the aspect of 8th lord Saturn in Scorpio and 5th house.
When the prediction was madeJanuary 10, 2016
What actually happened: 50 killed and 59 injured at Orlando‘s Pulse Nightclub shooting. 
Who did it: A foreign born muslim. terrorist.
When the event happened: June 12, 2016.

What was predicted: “Scope for serious violent acts or events" in the fall.
When the prediction was made: December 31, 2014
What actually happened14 people killed and 22 others seriously injured in a terrorist attack consisting of a mass shooting and an attempted bombing at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CA.
Who did it: A foreign born muslim terrorist couple.
When the event happened: December 2, 2015.

What was predicted"Violent or explosive events with searing heat...with many fatalities possible" through April. "Spiritual, diplomatic or drug dealing people could be involved."
When the prediction was madeDecember 30, 2012
a) What actually happened: 6 killed and 280 injured in the Boston marathon bombing.
Who did it: Two foreign born muslim terrorists who were brothers; the younger one known to deal drugs.
When the event happened: April 15, 2013.
b) What actually happened: 15 killed and 200 people injured in West Fertilizer Company explosion in West, Texas.
When the event happened April 17, 2013.

What was predicted: "A sudden event disturbs the social equilibrium...Violence...and loss of life" in the spring 2007.
When the prediction was made: December 30, 2006.
What actually happened: 33 killed and 23 injured at Virginia Tech. shooting; the largest campus massacre in US history.
Who did it: A deranged young man. 
When the event happened: April 16, 2007.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

To kneel or not to kneel

The protests of some NFL players involving the National Anthem and the Flag since 2016, suddenly hit the front pages on September 23, 2017,when President Trump said that anybody disrespecting the national flag and anthem should be fired. The debate has captivated and divided the media and nation likely because it reflects a tension that has been building up in the American psyche for decades. What is at stake are two opposing views of reality, between one that is essentially backward looking and another that is more forward looking. However, there is more to the story and the SAMVA USA chart is uniquely able to shine a light on and explain this complex national issue.

On the one hand, we have those who want to correct for the mistreatment of certain groups in US history. According to surveys, these are predominantly people that identify as Democrats or non-whites. The protest is led by players in the NFL, which are young accomplished athletes, reflecting also the placement of 10th lord Mars and 6th lord Jupiter in Scorpio and the 5th house of the chart. Indeed, in US history young people have often led movements for social change. The protesters are in sympathy with the goals of groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) by refusing to stand in pre-game ceremonies and honor the flag of "a country that oppresses black people."  Essentially, this group is emphasising the influences of the weak 4th lord Venus in Sagittarius and the 6th house of the SAMVA USA chart. Both of these houses receive afflicting aspects from the Moon's nodes, Ketu and Rahu in the national horoscope, which explains the recurring social problems in the country. 

On the other hand, there are those who want to emphasise the strength and purpose of the country. Typically, these are predominantly voters who identify as Republicans and white, especially those with a deep sense of patriotism. President Trump is the leader of people with this mindset. He recalls the blood spilled by American soldiers to defend the flag and what it stands for. To these people it is a simple issue of it never being right to disrespect the flag. The President is represented by the powerful 2nd lord Sun in Capricorn and the most effective point of the 7th house of the chart. Indeed, a large section of the American people are tired of the problems and have an urge to transcend them. Their mindset is that of the strong and powerfully placed Sun in the chart. The reaction of President Trump placed the protests in another context altogether. His words created a psychic clash among those beholden to the old problem identifying ideas and rallied those in tune with his vision. Such a clash usually accompanies change in the national mind set..

Importantly, the timing of the debate owes to both the period influences and transits.

The Venus major period has ended and the Sun major period has begun. Clinton, Bush and Obama were Presidents during the Ketu and Venus periods. The Ketu period brought social problems of race and morality to the forefront, while the Venus period brought excesses of the rich and growing poverty and inequality to the fore. The Presidents of that time would likely have tolerated such protests of unequal treatment involving racial or ethnic background. Trump, however, has become President at the onset of the Sun major period, as predicted. He was elected because he was psychologically in tune with a collective need to transcend the problems with bold new policies (e.g. tax plan to be "rocket fuel for the economy") to create new well paying jobs that he sees as a means to cure the social problems. His vision is to shift the collective mindset to the Sun like facet of the collective nature, which is now operative in the chart due to the Sun period operating. Trump has little patience for voices protesting weakness or injustices by dishonoring the national symbols. He prefers to take the protesters head on with regard to the importance of respect for the national symbols. While the trend influences support his shift in emphasis, the transits are making it very difficult for him to do so.

Adding to the tension is the transit of 6th lord Jupiter into the sign Libra and 4th house on September 13, 2017. As predicted last year, this was expected to "bring the energy of conflict into the house communal harmony" during the transit of Jupiter in this sign. The transit of Ketu into Capricorn and the 7th house also suggests conflictual energy in the national life, involving both foreign policies but also the President, ruled by the Sun  Earlier this year, transit 8th lord Saturn entered Sagittarius and 6th house. This was expected to bring obstacles and endings into the house of conflict. During the summer, transit Saturn went retrograde into Scorpio and 5th house, where it has been afflicted by both natal Saturn but also transit Rahu. This has created serious problems in the country. Saturn will re-enter Sagittarius in late November of this year, increasing the scope for the type of hard-nosed obstructionist politics by the opposition that were witnessed in the Spring of this year. The transit of Saturn in late Scorpio from the late summer has also been especially troublesome for the Leo rising chart of President Trump.

In 2009 I wrote an article about how the Sun and Moon influence the identity and symbols of the country. The Moon, as the ruler of the sign Cancer in the 1st house, represents the caring side of Americans, while the Sun lends power through authority and leonine magnanimity to the self, due to the close aspect to the 1st house from its placement in the most effective point of the 7th house. Moreover, 10th lord Mars and 6th lord Jupiter in the 5th house also aspect 1st lord Moon in the 11th house, adding fame, courage, expansiveness and staunchness to the national identity. All these astrological energies are vividly reflected in the national symbols.

Here is a video clip of a part of yesterday's White House press briefing that brings out the dynamics of this national debate of whether to emphasise national unity through recognition of the nations Ketu and Venus-related problems or the power of the country, as represented by the Sun, in a back-and-forth exchange between a reporter and the WH spokesperson.

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